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A Rookie In A Veteran’s Chair – A single of off the EP, “Between The Knowing” 2023

Without Words In The Way by Beth Hart – A live performance by Christina Hutt featuring Sue Smith & Jeff Bird, Oct. 14 2022
Thought You’d Always Be My Man – This is the first single off of my new EP “Between The Knowing”
Like many songs tend to do this one captures a personal moment in time.
I began writing it fifteen years ago and revisited it in March, 2022 with my friends Sue Smith and Jeff Bird. Sometimes it take years to clearly see the big picture and be able to make sense of something difficult that we once faced or in this case a very big decision I made.

I Should Have Changed is available through all streaming services as of June 2020. 

Fifteen Shades is available through all streaming services as of March 2020.

Christina’s 2017 debut album, Mirror Mirror is available wherever you listen.
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