Christina Hutt


Christina Hutt is one of the most captivating singer/songwriters to burst onto the Canadian music scene, bringing her unique blend of country, soul, and folk music to her compositions. Immediately upon its release, her debut EP “Mirror Mirror” received critical acclaim, everywhere.

Christina has the experience under her belt of touring Canada while performing coast-to-coast on VIA RAIL. She has opened for established artists such as Paul James, Craig Cardiff, Katherine Wheatley, and Brock Zeman. Additionally, she has worked with, and been mentored by, Rita Chiarelli, “Canada’s Blues Goddess”.

During the CBC’s Searchlight competition in 2017, Hutt’s song “Dreaming About You” placed within the Top 10 in her region. That same year, the same song was voted #2 by the listeners of the Hunters Bay Radio Song of The Year contest.

Building a strong connection with her audience, Christina Hutt’s voice reaches the raw truth, the hope, and the love, that resides at the core of us all. You are guaranteed to have your soul stirred by her distinctive vibrato, rich tone, and passionate delivery.


“She’s the real deal” ~ Jeff Bird, The Cowboy Junkies


“Music for the mind and heart from a woman with a unique voice. Songs from her heart to yours” ~ Richard Flohil, Promoter & Publicist


“Christina’s voice is pure passion and not to be missed” ~ Rita Chiarelli

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