“Be Careful What You Wish For”

Last week I released my new song “Fifteen Shades”. I was inspired to write it after attending a George Jones Tribute at Peters Players in Gravenhurst. I’ve always loved “old” country music but that night something hit me in my soul. I felt at home, lost in the vibe. I didn’t want it to end. In the moment, there was a feeling that anything was possible. The next day I thought ” if that’s how country music makes me feel, I should sing it more.” An hour later “Fifteen Shades” was born.

Bet Smith is a singer/songwriter that I was drawn to first by her gentle presence and endearing character. I later discovered what a talent she had for writing and composing music. Then I finally saw her and her band ( Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers ) perform and was blown away. I admired how tight and rehearsed they were. I loved every song they played. I thought “one day I want a band just like that”.

Time went on and I had a project that needed to be completed. It needed a delicate touch and someone that I could trust. When Bet came to mind I thought she would be perfect and it was worth a try to reach out to her. She didn’t hesitate and offered to lend a hand. It wasn’t long after that Bet mentioned recording a song at Curries Music and making a video to go along with it. I was absolutely thrilled and said “yes!” immediately ( even though my mom keeps telling me to sleep on things). The song I brought to the studio was “Fifteen Shades”.

I could not be happier with the recording of this song. Not only did I write a country tune that made me feel like I did that night at the George Jones Tribute…. I recorded it with a band I had only wished to play with one day.

Be careful what you wish for 😉

Thank you Rob Currie ( Electric guitar/Bass/Sound Recording) Andrew Currie ( Drums )

A special thank you to Bet Smith ( Video Recording/Harmonies ) for believing in me.

The featured photo was taken back on June. 15, 2018, of Bet and Me at The Third Friday Coffee House in Burk’s Falls. She doesn’t know this but I sang all the harmonies to her songs from the audience during her set that night 😊

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